chillhouse press on nails

When you hear the words “press-on nails,” does your mind harken back to the ’80s? This was always my reaction, until I realized, Perhaps I am the target for Lee’s Press-on Nails, thirty-plus years later.

As you can well guess by now, I’m obsessed with doing my nails. Recently, I’d been eyeing Chillhouse and liked their approach as a modern-day spa centered on self-care. As an added bonus, they’re a Latinx woman-owned business, and they just happen to sell an incredible array of press-on nails. I’d been swooning over the lavender checkerboard design for months, so I decided to take the plunge.

Each kit comes with 24 reusable nails, non-toxic nail glue, a cuticle stick and a nail file. After prepping my natural nails and finding the right sizes for each finger, I slowly began to glue each of them down. It was actually super easy; you just need a steady hand and some patience.

They were still a little long for me, so I decided to cut and shape them a bit with nail clippers and a file.

Cute, right? Once I got the nail size I wanted on one hand, I cut and shaped the same size for my opposite hand. (My friend Gabby’s dog, Otto, was a great supervisor.)

That night over dinner with Gabby, I was a bit distracted. I couldn’t help looking at my hands every time I grabbed my wine glass! I will definitely wear them again in the future.

Would you try press-on nails? I’d love to know.

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