Blair Witch Project

Blair Witch Project

Last night, Alex convinced me to watch…

The Blair Witch Project. Have you seen it? The 1999 American horror film follows three student documentary makers who get lost in a forest in Maryland — and begin hearing terrifying noises.

“Why are we watching this?” I kept asking Alex. “This isn’t a way to have a fun night.”

“Just give it a few more minutes,” he kept saying. “It gets good.”

But in the end, I felt too spooked and we turned it off — and then I watched a few minutes of Schitt’s Creek to cleanse my palate.

Remember this spoof trailer which makes The Shining look like a romantic comedy?

And this When Harry Met Sally trailer remixed as a horror film?

Do you watch scary movies? What are your favorites? (Even though I’m a wuss, I liked Parasite and Get Out.)

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